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General Links: a website that provides updated space news, discussion boards, extensive photo galleries, and items for sale. the latest research news and science breakthroughs updated daily. official website of the science magazine featuring international news, ideas and innovation. (Popular Science): official website of the magazine about current science and technology. an encyclopedia with content created and maintained by its users.

Astronomy Links:

Atlas of the Universe

Digital Sky LLC: posters and prints.

Space Exploration Links: official website of theAmerican space agency. official website of the European space agency. official website of the Japanese space agency.

Space Colonization Links: (Artemis Society International): Private Enterprise on the Moon.

Join Artemis Society International! (Lifeboat Foundation): movement dedicated to the safeguarding of humanity. (The Living Universe Foundation): movement dedicated to the future of space colonization and the spread of life through out the galaxy (Formerly the First Millennial Foundation). personal website of an engineer from Poland, Janek Kozicki, who invented the concept of inflatable Martian base.

The Future: illustrated scenario of future space colonization. (National Space Society): independent, educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization. (The Planetary Society): a nonprofit organization devoted to the exploration of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life. movement advocating Rapid development of space using material from asteroids near Earth and from the Moon. (Island One Society): propulsion systems, business ideas, archives of space meetings and journals, and political advocacy for the space frontier.

Private Space Flight: (Scaled Composites LCC): composite aircraft design, prototyping and flight test. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation.

Space Tourism: a private space hotel company. a general contractor that is providing design, engineering, fabrication, testing, assembly and marketing of future space complexes.

Science-Fiction Links: Site of the Cable TV Science Fiction Channel. Features a weekly magazine, daily news, web directory, book reviews and bulletin board system.

Space Art Links:

Marilynn Flynn Tharsis Artworks: Space Art and Astronomical Illustration. Images for publication, prints and art cards available.


Geir Lanesskog

Michael Carroll

Raymond Cassel

Bob Eggleton

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