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There are lots of dangers threatening the Earth and humanity but those listed below are the most serious.

Danger # 1 : Meteorite Impact

This is what would happen if a huge meteorite of more than 10 km of diameter collided with the Earth.

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Danger # 2 : Nuclear War

Although much less probable than during the Cold War and much exaggerated as a scenario, a nuclear war could still be a threat to humanity in the near future.

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Danger # 3 : Global warming and other natural catastrophes

Unlike the two previous threats to humanity, global warming is not exaggerated at all. It is a serious threat to the Earth and its consequences can be fatal to the human race.

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Danger # 4 : Overpopulation

This is another serious danger threatening the Earth and humanity as a whole. The human population is constantly rising at an exponential rate. The time when the Earth wouldn't be able to support us anymore is quite near.

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Therefore the importance of space colonization is obvious. If such catastrophes ever were to happen, at least a part of humanity would survive in the space colonies. Space colonization is also a direct long-term solution to the overpopulation problem and thus also, in a certain point, to the global warming problem.

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