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Space Stations and Satellites

International Space Station (ISS), credit: image by NASA, source:

Thus having a safe and economical way to get to space, we can start building space stations in low Earth orbit. The ISS is such a space station, but unfortunately it relies on an expensive and unsafe mean of transport. This is why its growth is that slow.

With the technology described in phase 2 we could build dozens of much bigger space stations for the same cost.

Galactic Suite Space Hotel, credit: Galactic Suite, source:

In this way, space tourism would become a dynamically developing sector of the economy with the emergence of space hotels.

Bigelow Space Hotel, credit: Bigelow Aerospace, source:

But all the debris accumulated in the low Earth orbit since the dawn of the space age could become a serious threat to these space hotels.

These debris could become raw materials for future space factories.

Credit: Science Daily, source:

It would also be a good idea to have a network of orbiting space telescopes to have an eye on the Near Earth Objects (NEOs) in order to warn in time in case of an object in a collision course.

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